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Metal Finishing Services

A Brief History of Electro-Plating


A brief history of electroplatingA brief history of electroplatingA brief history of electroplating

Silchrome Plating has been providing metal finishing services for over 60 years and we wanted to look over the history and changes to the metal finishing industry.





The invention of electro-plating can be attributed to Italian Chemist Luigi V. Brugnatello

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What Information Do We Need to Quote Your Job?

Silchrome plating powder coatingsilchrome plating quotingsilchrome electro-plating

In order to provide our customers with the most accurate quotation it is vital to give us as much information as possible, these are many different factors that can affect both the turnaround and cost of your jobs so having accurate information is essential.

Metal Finishing Information


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Can We Chemically Black Duplex?


chemical blacking stainless steelshot chemical blacking blackodising, black oxide coating

A few weeks ago a customer came to us with a number of screws that they wanted to be Chemically Blacked. They were not 100% sure on the grade of material, assuming it was Stainless Steel yet after trying both of our Chemical Blacking processes (for mild and stainless steels) neither would

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Free Electroless Nickel Guide


electroless nickel free electroless nickel guideelectroless nickel guide

Silchrome have a comprehensive guide to Electroless Nickel including it's attributes and applications.

ENP is a very versatile process that can add corrosion resistance to a variety of components, by changing the Phosphorus content you can better adapt the process to your appllication

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Types of Corrosion

types of corrosionprotecting your components from corrosionmetal finishing yorkshire

Corrosion is a broad phrase used to describe the attack and deterioration on metals. There are several different types of Corrosion.Here is a broad overview...


General Corrosion


General or Uniform Corrosion is called such as it will proceed in a uniform manner onto an exposed

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You asked: Is Rust Contagious?


rust prevention with electro-platingwhat causes rustkinds of rust

A customer recently had an issue where two components made of different materials had both rusted and asked us whether or not Rust was contagious. The short answer to this is No. Rust will not spread from one component to another and generally the reason that components that are close

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Electroless Nickel: Applications In Industry


electroless nickel automotive industryElectroless Nickel oil and gaselectroless nickel plating yorkshire

Electroless Nickel provides a uniform coating that will increase wear and corrosion resistance of Brass, Aluminium and Steel components. The versatility of the process and the ability to change the phosphorus content to suit your application makes Electroless Nickel a popular process

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Molybdenum Based Coatings


molybdenum based coatings dry lubricant coatingsalternatives to oil at high temperatures

Any application with a high temperature that requires lubrication might consider a Molybdenum based coating. Despite using the same base element there are a number of branded coatings that are all popular with different industries and have different applications. Here’s our guide.


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Silchrome approved by global oil giant


Silchrome Plating approved cameron supplierSilchrome Plating leedsSilchrome electroplating oil and gas yorkshire

Silchrome Plating Ltd, the successful Leeds based coatings company are proud to have been added onto the Approved Vendor List for International Oil & Gas provider, Schlumberger and its associated companies Cameron and One Subsea.

The Oil and Gas industries have been through turbulent

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Activation Agitation and Adhesion


silchrome plating activationsilchrome plating agitationsilchrome plating adhesion

How do Silchrome ensure a consistent and high quality finish for your components? Here we explain some terms you may/may not be familiar with and explain why they are crucial parts of our process.


One of the most important steps in any plating or coating process is in the

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Corrosion Resistance of Silver Plating

silver plating sources of corrosiondealing with black tarnish on silversilver plating gasket rings

Silver is used for its fantastic combination of Electrical and Heat Conductivity alongside it’s Wear and Corrosion resistance. Silver as a material is considered a noble metal generally meaning that it is more resistant to oxidation and other forms of corrosion when compared to other plating

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Preventing Stress Corrosion Cracking with Plating

stress corrosion crackingelectroless nickel stress corrosion crackingstress corrosion cracking

What is Stress Corrosion Cracking?

Where metals are exposed to both tensile stress and a chemically corrosive environment, the growth of crack formations may occur and lead to the sudden failure of normally ductile metals. This may also occur in conjunction with Hydrogen Embrittlement.

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You Asked: How do Passivates protect Zinc Plating?


zinc passivatezinc plating with chromate passivatesilchrome plating zinc passivate

Many different components are Zinc Plated in order to improve their part life and enhance their resistance to corrosion. The process, commonly referred to as just ‘Zinc Plating’ is actually short for ‘Zinc and Passivate’ so what exactly is Passivation and why is it needed?

Could You

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Electroless Nickel In Food Processing

electroless nickel food processinghigh phosphorus electroless nickel coatingenp yorkshire

Electroless Nickel Plating is a very versatile process that can increase the corrosion resistance of a variety of components. These are the advantages of using it in food processing applications. 

Material Replacement

The most common material found in any Food Processing Equipment is

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Restoring Scratched Parts with Plating

rust, pitting, corrosionsilchrome polishingscratches on chrome bumpers

Silchrome are often asked about how electroplating can help ‘breathe new life’ into items which might have succumbed to scratches, pitting and other forms of damage.


Many people wrongly assume that plating/coating an item will fill in cracks in the same vein that you might fill

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You Asked: Trivalent Passivation vs Iridite NCP

silchrome plating iridite ncp Silchrome plating trivalent passivationsilchrome plating zinc plating trivalent

In order to comply with environmental standards, Silchrome Plating now offer Electroplated Zinc using Trivalent Passivation. We have had positive feedback about this process and a few of our customers have asked if Trivalent Passivation can be used on its own and how it would differ from

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Office Administrator Vacancy - Maternity Cover 12 months

silchrome plating leedssilchrome electroplating yorkshiresilchrome coatings yorkshire

Silchrome are looking for an experienced Office Administrator to cover a member of staff who is leaving on Maternity leave for 12 months. The position is based in Upper Wortley, Leeds, LS12 4JW.

About us:

Silchrome provide one of the widest arrays of metal finishing processes in the UK.

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You asked: Differences between Electroplated and Electroless Nickel?

Silchrome Electroless nickel plating yorkshirenickel plating leedsNickel Plating UK

Although they both coat the same material, the two different processes will perform differently, have different attributes and different applications.

Nickel Plating provides a low cost, smooth and ductile coating that can be used in variety of applications. It provides a good level of

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You asked: Can You Refurbish Anodising?

Can you refurbish anodising? silchromecan you refurbish anodising? silchrome platingCan you refurbish anodising?

Any component that is subject to wear and tear may encounter damage, as such it be may be desirable to repair and restore a part by replicating the original process, but is it possible to re-anodise a part?

What is Anodising?

Anodising is a process by which the naturally occurring thin

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You Asked: Can We Chrome Plate Stainless Steel?

Silchrome Plating can you chrome plate stainless steelSilchrome Plating can you chrome plate stainless steelSilchrome Plating can you chrome plate stainless steel

The short answer is yes. Most common grades of Stainless Steel can be reliably Chrome Plated, this may however not be the most appropriate process depending on your application.

For A Bright, Shiny Finish

For decorative applications, it may be simpler to instead Electro-polish the item

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