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Metal Finishing Services

Different Xylan Products


Silchrome Plating xylan coatingXylan coating 1050 1400 1010Silchrome Plating leeds xylan fasteners

Popular Xylan products


Xylan is a brand name for a group of Fluropolymer coatings which typically blend high performance resins with a fluoropolmer lubricant such as PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Xylan coatings are smooth and slick in nature providing a uniform finish in a range

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Tackling Corrosion Offshore

Silchrome Plating offshore oil applications xylanSilchrome Plating offshore oil applications epoxy coatingSilchrome Plating offshore oil applications electroless nickel

Corrosion costs the Oil and Gas Industry billions each and every year and any component which operates in an offshore environment must withstand several different sources of deterioration. These include the salt water environment, numerous sources of wear as well as potential chemical and gases

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Zinc: Trivalent vs Hexavalent


silchrome plating zinc trivalenttrivalent chromium zinc platingsilchrome zinc and trivalent blue


Zinc Plating is a very popular process for the protection of a wide range of components. It’s a sacrificial coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance at a cost effective price. Zinc Plating is also known as galvanising and can be passivated in a number of colours. The way in

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Electroless Nickel in Chemical Processing

Silchrome electroless nickel chemical processingelectroless nickel platingenp chemical processing industry silchrome

A key consideration for the Chemical Processing Industry is finding a way to extend equipment life without affecting the purity of the product. Electroless Nickel is a conversion coating that is able to form a protective barrier for a range of parts. One of the great advantages of the process

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Polishing, Pickling and Passivating


Silchrome picklingSilchrome lacquer copper brasssilchrome electro-polishing

Silchrome are known for our wide array of metal finishing processes, providing everything from copper plating, to chemical blacking. Alongside our various coating and plating processes we are also quite happy to provide associated services such as pickling and polishing.



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Electroless Nickel in the Automotive Industry


Silchrome Electroless Nickel Plating automobileSilchrome enp car parts platingSilchrome electroless nickel yorkshire

Automotive companies have been refocusing on fresh, innovative ways in which to improve part life and performance. A large part of this work has been the introduction of new engines and new fuels and as such they have had to think of new ways to protect parts and increase life cycle. The

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Three Types of Anodising


silchrome plating chromatic anodisingsilchrome plating hard anodisingsilchrome plating sulphuric acid anodising

Anodising is one of the most widely used surface treatments for a variety of components. It is used to form a protective barrier against damage on metals such as Aluminium, Titanium and Magnesium as well as providing a base layer for a number of post treatments like painting. The process

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Electroless Nickel in Oil & Gas


electroless nickel plated ball valvesENP nickel plating yorkshireoil and gas plating electroless nickel

Electroless Nickel is widely used throughout the Oil and Gas Industry due to its uniform coating, excellent corrosion resistance and ability to act as a protective barrier against abrasion. There are three key areas in which Oil and Gas components must operate: Surface Operations, Downhole

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Attributes of Electroless Nickel


Silchrome Plating ENPElectroless Nickel Plating YorkshireENP nickel silchrome

Attributes of Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel Plating (or ENP for short) is an autocatalytic plating meaning that it forms through a chemical reaction to the metal. It’s used across a wide range of industries due to its core attributes of corrosion and wear resistance.


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Complex Cast Iron Plating


silchrome plating cast iron componentselectroless nickel plating of cast partsSilchrome zinc plating brake discs

Cast parts represent a challenge to most metal finishing companies. Cast parts are prone to having rough surfaces of a non-homogenous nature and often contain a high carbon content, impurities and various residues. This means in order to ensure a high quality finish he right selection of

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Silchrome Investing in People


Silchrome Plating investing in peopleSilchrome plating IMF trainingSilchrome X-ray

Silchrome Plating have invested heavily over the last four years allowing us to meet the high standards expected by our customers. Our focus is always to fast lead times, excellent service and high quality plating. We understand that as a company every member of our team needs to be

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Attributes of Chemical Blacking


Silchrome Plating hot chemical blackingblackodisingBlack oxide coating

What is it?

Chemical Blacking is sometimes referred to as ‘Blackening’ or ‘Blackodising’and is a conversion coating meaning that where in other metal finishing processes a layer is added above the substrate, here a coating is achieved through a chemical reaction between the ferrous

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Silchrome Upgrade and Update


Silchrome Paint and PowderSilchrome silver gasket line Silchrome Plating

As part of our long term re-investment into our business, Silchrome have been upgrading and updating our facilities here in Leeds.

We have been upgrading our facilities and adding new improved equipment which has included new Spin Dryers, new Heat Treatment Equipment and new Rectifyers.

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Attributes of Copper Plating


COPPER PLATING SILCHROMEcopper electro-platingcyanide copper plating yorkshire

Silchrome Plating offer Cyanide, Pyrophosphate and Acid Copper plating. Most often we will use Copper Plating as a way to create a smooth and uniform base for other processes such as chrome to go over.

As an Undercoat

The reason that copper is used as an undercoat is that it is a

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Silver Plating Gasket Rings


silchrome plating gasket silver platedSilchrome silver plating west yorkshire

One area we have seen a significant interest in is the silver plating of large gasket rings. Silchrome Plating have invested heavily in upgrading our capacity in order for us to plate larger and heavier components than ever before. This has included a completely new plating line, which is

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Silchrome Plating: Investment in Processes


xylan coating silchromesulfamate nickelmolykote coating

In the last four years Silchrome Plating have been investing heavily in order to upgrade our service and offering and make us more efficient. One area that directly benefits our customers is our investment into new processes. With any new process it’s important for us not only to ensure we

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Features of Iridite NCP


Iridite NCPIridite NCP SIlchrome Platingiridite ncp coating

Iridite NCP is a conversion coating. This means that unlike Electroplating where a metal coating is applied on top of the base material, during the process of applying Iridite NCP, the base metal will interact with the chemical creating a coating both above and below the

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Xylan vs Everslik


everslik vs xylaneverslik vs xylaneverslik vs xylan

Both Xylan and Everslik are commonly used because of their combination of Corrosion Resistance and Chemical Resistance. Both Are popular in the Oil and Gas sector, but have different applications.

What is Xylan?

Xylan is a brand name of a range of coatings, each of which can be used

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What is electro-polishing?


silchrome electro-polishingsilchrome electro-polishing car partselectropolishing

What is electro-polishing?

In the electro-plating process, the metal components is fitted with two electrodes and connected to a power supply. This is immersed into a specially formulated, temperature controlled electrolytic solution. During the process, surface impurities and

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Anodising to prevent Galvanic Corrosion


sulphuric anodising silchromenatural anodising serviceanodising yorkshire

What is Galvanic Corrosion?

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals come into electrical contact. This can often lead to deterioration in one of the metals even where the component is operating in an environment that would normally not be considered corrosive.

What is

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