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Metal Finishing Services

SIlchrome provide Chromic acid which is used typically when a thinner protective layer is required.

Parts are electrolytically processed in a dilute chromic acid solution at a temperature of about 40°C to produce a thin, relatively soft, oxide layer which provides very high levels of corrosion protection. Chromic Acid Anodising is an excellent base for subsequent organic and other applied coatings.As it is a thin film it's abrasion resistance is low and is easily damaged and not neccesarily suitable as a standalone coating. 

Typical Applications:

Any aluminium coating that requires subsequent painting.
In the aerospace industry for aluminium parts that are to be subsequently adhesive bonded.
Parts that require good corrosion resistance but limited electrical resistance.
On components which are exposed to explosives and propellants.
Because chromic acid solution will not attack the deposit if it is trapped inside a component,
the solution is ideal for parts that have been riveted or have deep recesses where solution could be left.

Process Specifications Offered:

Def Stan 03-24 and BS EN 2101

Manufacturing Capabilities

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Silchrome Chromic AnodisingSilchrome Chrome AnodisingSilchrome Chromic Anodising plating

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