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Metal Finishing Services

Xylan is a fluoropolymer based coating that can be applied to a wide range of components. We can offfer a range of colours including black, blue, red & green. 

Xylan coatings typically contain PTFE and offer improved wear resistance, reduced friction, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. There are a range of coatings with different specific properties that are designed to be used for different applications.

Typical Applications:

Xylan is used in a range of sectors often to provide components with additional and or enhanced properties of the base material. This can range from non-stick frying pans to oil and gas components used in extreme environments. 

Advantages of Xylan include:

Low Friction
High Wear Resistance
Can operate from -250° to 285°
Corrosion & Chemical Resistance
Process Specifications Offered

The standard Xylan coatings offered by Silchrome are:

Xylan 1400 – Excellent abrasion resistance, will not chip peel or crack 
Xylan 1052 – designed for high pressure, low speed industrial / mechanical wear applications
Other formulations can be supplied as required.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Xylan can be applied by spray or brush depending on the particular application. If required the components can be cured in our fully enclosed oven.

Maximum Component Sizes:

3 Metre Maximum Length 
1 Tonne Maximum Weight

Silchrome Xylan coatingSilchrome Xylan PlatingSilchrome subsea xylan

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