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What is Xylan?

Xylan is a brand name of a range of coatings, each of which can be used for different applications but typically they contain PTFE and offer improved Wear Resistance, Reduced Friction and Heat Resistance. They are most popular as a coating for components that will be used in subsea environments and come in a range of colours including Black, Blue, Red and Green.

Xylan 1010

Xylan 1010 is a very versatile dry lubricant containing PTFE. It offers abrasion resistance and suitable for high temperature and corrosive environments. It can be used on any surface likely to encounter wear but is most popular on components including Threaded Fasteners, Valves, Rotors and Pistons.

Xylan 1052

Xylan 1052 is formulated to prevent wear on mating surfaces. It’s able to work in high contact pressure, low speed applications and will provide long term lubrication for bearing surfaces. It can withstand chemically corrosive environments and is used on applications such as Bearings, Sealing Rings, Valve Springs and other offshore applications. Xylan 1052 is able to perform in high temperature environments.

Xylan 1400

Xylan 1400 is formulated for components that require a level of corrosion resistance. Dimensional tolerances do not permit a thick film, but Xylan 1400 is able to resist acid rain, weathering as well as chemically corrosive environments. Although it does contain some PTFE, it is considered a barrier coating as opposed to a dry-film lubricant. Typical applications include large Fasteners and threaded components used in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications.

Other Formulations

Xylan encompasses a wide range of processes suitable for the Offshore, Automotive and Water industries. Xylan is produced by a company called Whitfords, who have much more information on all the makes and models available on the following link.

Manufacturing Capabilities

If you’re looking to have Xylan Coatings professionally applied, then look no further. Silchrome Plating are able to apply Xylan through both spray and brush depending on the application and components can be cured in our fully enclosed ovens. Where you require a Xylan model we don’t stock, we are happy to buy it in for you.

Maximum Component Sizes:

3 Metre Maximum Length

1 Tonne Maximum Weight

Silchrome Plating are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and carry out all of our processes in house in our production facilities in Leeds. Send through your RFQ today to see how we can support your business with high quality plating, coating and finishing.

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