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What is Nickel Plating?

Nickel Plating provides a low cost, smooth coating that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Not only can it improve corrosion resistance and be used as a decorative coating, it is also often used as an undercoat for decorative Chrome plating. Silchrome can provide Nickel plating in both Bright and Dull finishes and also offer Sulfamate Nickel and Electroless Nickel.

What is the Process?

Nickel Plating is an electro-plating technique in which parts are placed into a vat containing an electrolytic solution and a current is run into the bath promoting the build-up of the Nickel onto the component. In order to obtain the best possible results, parts will first be subject to a number of pre-treatments depending on their material which are all carried out in house.

Nickel Electro-plating can be applied to components produced from: Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Iron.

What are the Advantages?

Nickel Plating produces a very smooth and even coating that has strong adhesion to the base metal. This means it can be used in applications where the component has tight tolerances. For applications with complicated geometry however it may be more beneficial to use Electroless Nickel.

Nickel Plating forms a protective barrier that will improve the corrosion and wear resistance properties of a component. It is often used in automotive applications due to its ability to counteract aggressive fuels such as bio diesel. Dull Nickel is more hardwearing than Bright Nickel, and will offer better corrosion resistance of the two.

In terms of its decorative applications, quite often Nickel Plating is used to give components a shiny finish, even when used as base. In order to ensure the best possible finish, Silchrome Plating will always perform a number of pre-treatments on parts in order to insure the part is clean and without scratches, one advantage with this process however is that Nickel Plating produces high levelling properties which can hide polishing lines and other imperfections. It offers a good resistance to both scratches and abrasive wear.

Specifications Offered:

ASTM B689, AMS 2403, BS 4601, QQ-N-290

What We Offer

Silchrome Plating are able to provide Nickel Plating as well as associated pre and post plating processes including polishing. We are able to facilitate a wide range of production volumes and can accommodate parts up to 610mm x 610mm x 855mm.

All of our processes are carried in house at our production facility in Leeds and Silchrome Plating are IS0 9001 AND ISO 14001 approved. 

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