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Hard anodising is used in applications requiring increased wear resitance. 

Hard anodising is similar to decorative sulphuric anodising in that the oxide layer is produced from a sulphuric acid electrolyte (usually about 15%). However the solution is operated at a much lower temperature and with higher current densities to produce a much more dense crystal structure. The natural colour of this hard anodised coating varies from a light green to a dark grey. The film can be coloured but because of the denseness of the film, the colours tend to be darker than decorative colours. Sealing of this deposit further improves the corrosion resistance making it ideal for undersea/offshore applications but hardness and abrasion resistance is lowered. Aluminium alloys with less than 10% silicon and 5% copper are suitable for hard anodising.


Excellent wear resistance and prolonged wear life.
Good corrosion resistance when sealed.
High electrical resistivity.
Good heat resistance.

Typical Applications:

Aircraft components
Marine and Offshore components
Engine Components
Aluminium Cookware

Process Specifications Offered:

We anodise to current national and international specifications

Manufacturing Capabilities

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