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Metal Finishing Services

Zinc phosphating is a process where a fairly even crystalline coating of zinc phosphate is applied to mainly steel and iron components either by immersion or spray. The colour of the deposit ranges from a light to dark grey and can be dyed black giving a matte finish.


Typical Applications: 

Applications vary depending on the weight of deposit applied and include:

As a base prior to the application of paint systems.
As a carrier for lubricants in cold forming operations such as tube or sheet drawing.
As carrier for drawing compounds to inhibit galling when wire is drawn through a former.
As a carrier for rust inhibiting solutions to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating.
As a carrier for anti-friction coatings. e.g. molybdenum disulphide.

Process Specifications Offered:

Silchrome offer a medium weight and heavy weight immersion coating which meets the requirements of DEF STAN 03-11/1 Class II and BS 3189:1973 Type 1B on material such as cold or hot rolled steel.

Manufacturing Capabilities 

Small to medium sized components can be processed through our manual line with a process window of  1500mm x 500mm x 900mm

Silchrome Zinc phosphateSilchrome Zinc phosphatingSilchrome Zinc phosphate coating

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