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Zinc Plating wIth JS500

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Silchrome Plating are proud to be one of Macdermid’s licensed vendors to carry out Zinc Plating with JS500, here are more details on the advantages of this process.

What is JS500?

JS500 is a water based sealant that can be used as a finishing process in conjunction with Zinc electroplating. JS500 is designed to further extend the corrosion resistance of components whist improving their coefficient of friction. It is an environmentally friendly coating and can be applied over Zinc Plating with trivalent passivate, which being free of hexavalent chromium is compliant with Rohs and ELV directives.   

What are the Advantages?

When used in conjunction with 8um of Zinc Plating with trivalent, Macdermid say that JS500 should “achieve or exceed 96 hours to first white corrosion and 500 hours to first red corrosion when tested in a neutral salt spray test to ASTM B117”. JS500 also offers increased protection against wear and abrasion when compared to standalone electroplated Zinc, but being relatively thin will not be able to operate in high wear environments. JS500 contains a UV trace for easy identification, making components easily traceable.


JS500 is mostly used in the automotive industry and has approval for many of the major automotive manufacturers including Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. If you have any application where you are currently using Zinc electroplating and would like to increase the corrosion resistance of your part then JS500 may be appropriate.

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Silchrome Plating are licensed to carry out the JS500 process and can provide Zinc Plating with Trivalent Passivate, allowing our customers to extend the part life of components whilst remaining within environmental regulations. We carry out our wide range of processes from our modern facility in Leeds and are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Contact us today to see how we can help with your metal finishing requirements.

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