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Metal Finishing Services

Copper is one of a few coloured metals. 

Copper is relatively soft and can be readily polished to give a pleasing decorative bright finish. However because it is attacked by air and the sulphur and acid compounds in the atmosphere, a lacquer should be applied to maintain its finish.

Typical Applications:

In industrial applications, its principal uses are:

As an undercoat on soft metals (pewter, zinc die-casting, brass etc.)
Printed circuit board track ( because of its high conductivity)
As an undercoat prior to nickel and chrome plating to give an excellent corrosion resistant finish.
As a substitute (part or whole) for components that have been traditionally silver plated.
As a mask on parts requiring selective case hardening of steel.
As an undercoat for plating on plastics As a lubricant on wire prior to drawing.
To provide the printing surface for gravure cylinders As an anti-fret coating on bearings and housings
As an aid to soldering on electronic components

Process Specifications Offered:

All current national and international specifications are offered.

Production Capabilities:

Silchrome Plating has a wide range of capabilities and can support many different applications and different volume requirements. At present we offer cyanide copper and pyrophosphate copper in barrel and rack but other processes can be quickly brought on stream if necessary.

For low volume requirements we have a 3 manual lines handling component up to 1.8 metres in length.

For higher volume applications the company has a cyanide copper barrel line that can process larger batches of small parts.

Copper plated componentscopper palted components

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