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What is involved in Re-Chroming?

Silchrome Plating re-chroming componentsSilchrome Chrome Plating

People often come to Silchrome looking to restore some life in their bike or car parts through re-chroming but might not understand what’s actually involved with the process. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as putting your part in the tank and it coming out all shiny and new.

The first step is that we will strip the chrome layer that is currently on your part to ensure that all future plating will result in a smooth finish. Most Chrome Plating is applied over a layer of nickel and this will also need to be stripped away. This ensures that any future plating will be smooth and even.

Following this we will polish out all scratches and blemishes. Many people we talk to imagine that during the plating process the chrome will ‘fill the gaps’ caused by the scratches, but in fact these will still show after re-plating if we don’t polish them out first.

From here, depending on the base material we will plate with copper to ensure a uniform finish and then repeat the chroming process. Silchrome will even polish your part again so it looks as though brand new.

Unfortunately given the time needed, re-chroming a part may actually be more expensive than buying a new one, but our customers tell us that its worth it to put that bit of life back into their motorcycle or car.

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