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Metal Finishing Services


Silchrome Plating have been providing Vehicle Restoration services for both commercial and private customers for a number of years. The most popular of our services is the refurbishment of Chrome plated parts such as bumpers and over- riders. Due to the large size of our tanks we are able to work on both motorcyle and automobile parts.

Plating to Restore Scratches

Many people wrongly assume that plating/coating an item will fill in cracks in the same vein that you might fill in a wall crack with poly-filler. In reality most plating/coating processes will add an even layer onto a part. So where you have a dint in a piece, rather than filling it in until it is the same height as the rest of the component, you will still have a dint, but with a layer on top of it. Any scratches or imperfections will likely be visible after plating. In order to get rid of scratches, we would first of all need to strip away any existing paint/coat/plate which may need to be done through either chemical or mechanical means. Silchrome do have our own polishing equipment on site but where a component might need grinding we will often work with a local supplier. After these scratches have been eliminated and we have a smooth surface, we will then plate/coat the item again.

Electro-Plating & Polishing

Once we have a smooth service, the part will then be electro-plating. There are two stages to this process, the first is a layer of Nickel which will give the part the desirable corrosion protection, on top of this a thin layer of chromium is then plated which gives the part it's hardness and wear resistance. It's quite possible that after plating your part will then go through another stage of polishing so as to have a bright and shiny finish. 

Rough Costs

Unfortunately given the time needed, and the multiple processes involved, re-chroming a part may actually be more expensive than buying a new one, but our customers tell us that its worth it to put that bit of life back into their motorcycle or car. The main impacts on cost are the surface area of the part, and the amount of processes needed. Our minimum order charge is £60 per order.

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