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Metal Finishing Services


Silchrome Plating have been serving the Electronics industry for many years with our high quality of metal finishing process. Some of the more popular of which are:

Silver Electro-Plating

Silver’s key attributes for the electronics industry is obviously its fantastic conductivity. Pure Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of all metals. The atomic make up of Silver only has one Valence Electron, meaning there is more space for it to move around and transfer electricity. Applications within the Electronics Industry include High Current Connector Applications as well as Transistors. Silver Plating is also often used as a protective barrier on highly active Copper Parts.

Copper Plating

Copper is another metal with a high level of electrical conductivity, bettered only by Silver. It is significantly cheaper than plating with precious metals and this has made it very popular within the electronics industry where it’s often used in Semiconductors and Circuits.

Electroless Nickel

The key advantage of Electroless Nickel is that it’s able to provide a completely even coating on intricate and uneven surfaces. Electroless Nickel provides an excellent level of corrosion resistance and applications include the manufacture of semiconductors as well as the Zinc/Copper heatsinks which keep those semiconductors cool.


Anodising is a process by which the naturally occurring thin oxide layer on the surface is extensively increased by immersing the components in a solution of sulphuric acid and applying an electrical current. But Hard and Natural Anodising have excellent resistance to electricity making these ideal processes for any kind of insulation component such as housing.

Silchrome Plating work with a wide variety of businesses both big and small across industry sectors. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited and carry out all of our processes in house from our production facility in Leeds. 

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