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Metal Finishing Services

Electroless Nickel is a hard wearing finish and provides components with excellent corrosion resistance. 

Advantages include:

Good wear resistance.
Even coating even in recesses.
High corrosion resistance
Good deposit hardness as plated which can be enhanced by heat treatment.
Can be used for build up of worn parts.

Advantages High Phosphorous over Medium Phosphorous Electroless Nickel include: 

Higher corrosion resistance
Less prone to staining
Electroless nickel plating uses a reducing agent in the plating solution to control a chemical reaction that allows the nickel to be deposited on the surface without the use of electric current. This deposition is continuous as the nickel itself acts as a catalyst for the plating reaction. A further advantage of this chemical reaction is that the deposit has a high degree of thickness uniformity over the whole of the part to be plated no matter what shape it is.

Silchrome offer a semi-bright high phosphate containing between 10 and 12 % phosphorus. Being lead and cadmium free, the deposit meets the requirements of end of life vehicle (ELV) requirements and specifications.  Waste electrical and electronic equipment (W.E.E.E.) and restriction of hazardous substances (Rohss) regulations are also met by this deposit. The deposit is non- magnetic.

Typical Applications:

Electroless Nickel is a extremely versatile coating and so is used across a wide range of industrial sector.  

Oil & Gas
General Engineering

Process Specifications Offered:

The deposit meets the requirements of  MIL-C-26074, AMS 2404, ASTM B-656, ASTM-B733 AND ISO 4227

Production Capabilities

Components up to 2000mm in length and 100kg in weight can be accommodated but for general production the plating window is 1000mm x 600mm x 600mm. We offer the service for brass, aluminium and steel components.

Silchrome ENP High PhosphorusSilchrome Electroless Nickel PlatingSilchrome electroless nickel components

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