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Metal Finishing Services

Manganese phosphating is a process where a heavy deposit of manganese phosphate is applied to mainly steel and iron components either by immersion or spray. The colour of the deposit ranges from dark grey to black.


Typical Applications:

Phosphating is often carried out as a pre-treatment prior to other plating process but is also a stand alone process.  
It may be specified for a number of applications including:  

Components that require rapid break in or wear in.
To prevent galling without the coating flaking or peeling off.
To increase wear resistance.
To reduce wear during metal to metal contact
As a self-coloured corrosion resistant semi decorative finish (with oil)

Typical products include:

Steering Parts
Axle pins

Process Specifications Offered:

All current national and international specifications will be considered including DEF STAN 03-11/1 Class I; BS EN 12476:2000.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Small to medium sized components can be processed through our manual line with a process window of 610mm x 610mm x 762mm.

magnanese phosphatephosphating silchromeMagnanese phosphating silchrome

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